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Too Soon...

by SweetDreamer

I will stay strong!
This pain I will not prolong!
I will ignore him for however long,
it'll take for this bittersweet feeling to be forever gone!

but...this kind of love will take time to diminish,
the dance was stopped, before our song got to finish,
his melodies that were his words,
are still ringing sweetly in my ear,
that's the reasoning for my worry,
that I might have given up on our love too soon...

the truth is so hard to admit,
because my boy was truly one of a kind,
he made decisions with his heart, not his mind,
although I had my troubles here and there,
he made sure they were his troubles as well to bear,
that way I would never be really alone,
with that wonderful boy I had finally found my home,

One senseless fight was the cause of our downfall,
I let my insecurities give way to it all,
it's unfortunately taken me this long to see,
that the only one to be blamed was me,
because I had given up on our love too soon...