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I want to hear your voice

by Paula

It's been three months
Since I heard your voice
I miss you so much
I made the wrong choice

I didn't want to hurt you
I feel really bad
But when the fight happened
I just got so mad

I know I never told you
But My life was not so great
When we got into that fight
My Pain turned to hate

I didn't want this to happen
I am so dumb for what I did
Will I ever have another chance?
Who am I too kid?

I was lucky to have you once
But have another chance?
That's just asking alot
I'm not worth a second glance

I just want you to know
I still love you so much
I miss the way you hugged me
You had a special touch

I guess I messed this up
And it really breaks my heart
Am I still worth your time?
I'm sick of being apart

So if you want to speak
Just let me know
Any time's fine
Just call and say hello

I just want to hear
The sound of your voice
Know your alright
It your choice