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That's What Makes Me Sad

by ** JeNa **

What is this feeling
that I can't hide?
Everyone can see
the pain I'm feeling in inside.

It's a feeling of love,
but also a feeling of hate.
It sometimes make me sad,
but other times makes me feel great.

The hate is the feeling I have
when I think of what I've done to you.
I'm such a horrible person
for all I put you through.

The love is the feeling I have
when memories of you and me run through my head.
The way I feel for you is unexplainable,
but there are some things unsaid.

Like how much I love you
even though you don't think I do,
or how deeply I care for you
this feelings' not fake, it's true.

I love you more than words can say,
that is definitely true.
I love you more than anything,
there's nothing I wouldn't do.

I hope these words get to you
so you can understand,
That all the stuff that happened
was definitely not part of the plan.

I hope you know I never meant to hurt you,
or ruin what we had,
because I never wanted to lose you,
That's what makes me sad.