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Feelings Of Love

by Magnus

I'm starting to really like you
Though it may not always show
I'm beginning to fall in love with you
And that is what I want you to know

I have a shady past
Of many a broken dream
To many failed relationships
Where my heart was torn at the seam

But the time I spend with you
I forget my painful past
I get this feeling never felt before
I hope this feeling will last

You're the reason I want to give love a second chance
To start my life a new
I would give up anything in the world
If I could just be with you

I think about you everyday
You're always on my mind
I want to hold in my arms
Until the end of time

I would never do anything to hurt you
I would never break your heart
If me and you were together
I would never break us apart

I'll give you anything you need
Give you anything you ask for
I'll give you anything you want
And try to give you so much more

I could go on forever
Telling you how I feel
But all I want you to know
Is that my feeling for you are real