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Valentines Day

by Carmen

On Valentines Day,
I sit here alone.
I wish I could say,
I wish I'd pick up that phone.

I saw you today,
Of course with her.
I guess I now pay,
If only I had the nerve.

You seem happy,
When you're together.
It may appear sappy,
I wish we were together.

My eyes water,
These tears flow,
I guess it doesn't matter,
But my heart now beats slow.

I love you,
can't you see?
You could love me too,
It'll be just you and me.

I hold this little Valentine,
A card that holds so much power.
The truth that could make you mine,
Of course she'd be sour.

It holds my feelings,
And also my heart.
It also had a sealing,
A little candy tart.

The candy reflects your being,
Sweet, innocent, pleasing, addicting...
That's all my heart is seeing,
Also what this little piece is freeing.

I thought I'd give it to you,
But then I thought again.
Is this something I should do?
Would I lose you?

I tuck away this card that holds my soul,
As I also tuck away my heart.
I look up and smile, trying not to be cold,
Especially on this Valentines Day.