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You can't lose what you never had !!

by Kathryn

It was love at first sight,
She was in so deep.
The feeling she held for him,
Were so strong she could not sleep.

She was desperate for a picture,
Or even a touch.
From this boy,
Whom she loved so much.

Her friends called her crazy,
Said it wouldnt be.
But she did not listen,
She did not see.

This boy that she loved,
was already in love.
But with his girlfriend,
Whom he was proud of.

She was gutted,
When she saw them kiss.
She felt he had cheated on her,
It broke their love which did exist.

He moved away,
But it did not stop there.
She was prepared to move,
Anywhere she did not care.

The obsession went on,
For 2 more full years.
She gave up everything,
For something which would end it tears.

But one day on a train,
A stranger sat down.
She told him about her obsession,
And he began to frown.

He mutters words to her,
And then walked away.
Then her turned and smiled,
And looked her way.

It was him the boy she loved,
She had hardly recognised his face.
And that winning smile,
That even time could not replace.

Then I thought about what he had said,
"Do not let a guy ever make you sad.
You cant lose something,
What you never had !"