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My Baby Girl

by Heathergirl

I Had A Dream Last Night,
I dreamed Of A Baby Girl.
She's So Beautiful And Innocent,
Her Flawless Face And Perfect Curls.

Her Baby Blue Eyes,
Through Which She Sees.
Just Like Her Mommas,
She Gets It From Me.

Her Keen Sense Of Humor,
Personality Not Bad.
Do You Know Where She Gets That?
She Gets It From Her Dad.

Oh Precious Baby,
Tiny Fingers And Toes.
Each Day Your Mind,
Expands And Grows.

It's Sometimes Amazing,
How Miracles Occur.
You Think Of The Worst,
But You Receive A Cure.

It Seems Funny,
The World And It's Ways.
Minutes Turn Into Hours,
And Hours Into Days.

I Love You Baby...