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Holding On For You

by ßeAuTiFuLlY~bRoKeи

Everything is going wrong
I just can't make this right
And it seems like every word I say
Becomes another fight
Nothing ever changes
And no I'm not ok
All that I can hope for now
Is not to see another day
I feel so unwanted
I can't tell you why
The more I let it get me down
The more I'm wishing I could cry
Everything feels lonely
Everywhere I go
Everyone I talk to
Everything I know
But if I let you in
Please don't let me push you away
There's so much left unsaid
Things that I don't say
And all the times you've said you care
Mean more than you could know
I hope that you believe me
Even when it doesn't show
Because I'm holding on for you
The one that makes me smile
Even when inside I'm dying
I hold on for a while