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A Tear a Day

by edy

The day you said goodbye
I could do nothing but agree
In my heart it was love
For you that has yet to be seen

I gave you the world
And so much more
But it wasnt good enough
But i promise it was you i adored

If i could go back in time
I wouldnt change a thing
Because you taught me to
Love, Hate, and best of all
You taught me how to love me.

I learned to love, hate, but Ive yet to forgive.
That's one thing ill never do as long as I live.

I thought it was special
Everything about you at least to me
But that proved to be my greatest defeat

As I lay alone in the middle of night
All I think about is when, where and why?

When did you stop loving me?
Where did it start happening?
And why did you leave?

Questions unanswered
Are lessons unlearned
But a tear a day
Took my pain away

For you taught me to love, hate,
but never to forgive.
But ive learned now
After all the
Pain and Tears
That in the end its all ok
And that a tear a day took all the pain away.