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by butterfly ♥ kisses

These past few weeks I've begun to feel
Things I've never felt before.
I find myself longing for your touch
And needing to be with you more and more.
Just seeing you smile
In the midst of a daunting day
Makes the loneliness disappear
And all my troubles float away.
The times when I feel the safest
And free from any pain,
Is lying in your arms
As our heart's rhythms beat the same.
I feel so lucky to be loved by you
But also very afraid.
I'm afraid that you'll stop loving me
And all my happiness will go away.
I never thought my life
Would so drastically change
As soon as I realized my feelings
And gave my heart away.
But I've learned with love there's no guarantees.
It's just a risk you have to take.
Love with everything you have
And leave the rest to Fate.