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Wherever and Forever

by David Munoz

How is it that only once a year
We get a chance to reveal we care
To give our one a promise of affection
A promise to always be there

Now many believe we must show it with gifts
And that roses prove our love is true
But my important gift this year
Is a testament of my love for you

Now some can make a million promises
And not a one would they probably keep
But my promise is only of eternal love
Even if you're not the one I seek

Now I could walk the world forever
And never find perfection as close as you
But the real question that baffles forever
Is that if you'd truly love me too

Now I know the future is not defined
And destiny cannot be seen
But as long as my heart can beat
I will sit in my room and dream

Now I could dream the standard fantasy
And have castles way up high
But even a castle without you there
Is just a prison in the sky

Now true feelings can be questioned by distance
And it's hard to stand alone
But here I've given a promise to you
And it's written out in stone

Now even if the world is torn
And you never grace my eyes
You'll always know you're in my heart
With a love that never dies

Happy Valentines Day