Read Love Poems


by Adam Murphy

My heart is on fire
I'm burning inside
She's all i desire
she's all I'm denied
and her kiss
is a catalyst
fuel to my flame
a drug to my brain
her torch of a touch
is just too much
its driving me nuts
i feel like a klutz
so cut me open
make me bleed
look at my heart
and explain it to me
confusion consumes
denial resumes
I'm not quite done
but this poems no fun
her face in my head
words left unsaid
push is now shove
goddamn I'm in love
and her kiss
is a catalyst
fuel to my flame
just whisper my name
cut her apart
poke at her heart
her bloods so sweet
like an evil treat
examine her close
and you'll overdose
delicately debauching
one glance and your watching.
her intense stare
makes me tear at my hair
tested my luck
now I'm stuck.
I'm caught
lay here distraught
alone with the thought
that my reasoning is shot
then again its not
i know how i feel
from my head to my heel
I'd die for that girl
I'd murder the world
and her kiss
is a catalyst
fuel to my flame
now I'm acting untame
her taste drives me wild
i feel like a child
out of control
since i gave her my soul
and the room keeps spinning
i keep grinning
my bloody lip
gives me something i sip
the bruise from her bite
feels so right
her nails dig into me
pierced by Ecstasy
and her torch of a touch
well it burns me up
the fire surrounds
my heart as it pounds
like taunting threats
from mistakes i regret
not ready to kill
but deaths in its will
and her kiss
is a catalyst
fuel to my flame
a cut to my vein
she takes a deep breath
exhaling death
i breathe it in
with a big freaking grin
feeling lightheaded
everything that i dreaded
seems to be coming true
so what should i do?
I'm going to sit
alone in this pit
till it fills up with blood
and the dirt turns to mud
so alone i stay
waiting for the day
that she comes to me
and its back to "we"
because her kiss
is a catalyst