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My Dark Valentines

by Kit

I’ll show you these Dark Valentines,
They’re colored black and gray,
Recently I’ve colored them red
With crimson from my blade.
Can you see them in your mind,
With broken, shattered hearts?
All those paper pledges,
They’ve all been torn apart.
Can’t someone turn the tables
Shoot dumb Cupid for instead?
That way I wouldn’t be alone,
Crying in my bed.
I have got my own red heart,
It’s carved into my skin.
I will make sure that it scars,
More permanent than any pen.
On this day, my world is dark,
Everything is bleak.
Seeing girls all giddy,
Well, it’s not my favorite week.
The only plus about this day,
Is all the comfort food.
All this extra chocolate
Only improves my mood.
I hate seeing all this pink,
The hearts are just as bad.
Every single one I see
Reminds me what I have.
This day is never a happy day,
It’s always depressing.
But I keep on my happy face,
For those that like this thing.
There are my Dark Valentines,
Colored red and black and gray.
This day is pre torture.
Happy Valentine’s Day!