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He Wouldnt Leave Me Alone

by Heather M Craig

Don't Ever Get Aim,
Repetive Message Pops Up.
Some Guy Looking For The "A/S/L"
Gradually Looking For A Cyber Fu(k.

"What Are You Wearing?"
To Be Nice I Just Ignore.
"I'm Touching Myself."
Still Not Giving In To The Bore.

"I'm Getting Hard",
He Just Won't Leave Me Alone.
"I Want To Screw You."
The Most Desperate Man I've Ever Known.

Finally, I Give In, Jokingly,
"Really, I'm Hard Too?!?!"
I Laugh To Myself,
"And I Want To Screw You."

Finally The Messages Stop,
He Finally Ran.
All It Took Was A Woman's Wit
To Say You're A Man.

+++Heather Craig+++