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by The Secret Keeper

Just when I had my life together again,
It gets turned upside down.
Instead of facing the fact that I could be alone my senior
I get to face the fact I’ll probably be alone my junior

This isn't fair, why me?
I for once am surrounded by great friends,
And one by one they leave.

I’ve learned a lot from my friends,
Sometimes I think I’ve seen it all.
Then something happens
Or a skeleton is brought up
And I find myself learning again.

I’ve seen the smiles,
I’ve tasted the tears,
I’ve heard the laughs,
I’ve felt the fears.
But I’ll never forget the memories we shared.

As I sit here,
I think back on all we've been through,
All that I’ve heard about.
It all adds up,
Both the good and the bad.
The crushes, depressions and even the morning after's.
And then I remember the smiles, laughs and inside jokes.
The hours of talking to each other,
Side by side,
Or on the phone.
The stupid gossip,
Or the hours of soul revealing,
The secrets finally revealed,
for the first time to someone new.

Learning how sympathy and empathy go hand in hand.
And when you have a problem,
You’ve always got a friend,
Who’s been there before you,
How you think that no one understands
And then you get surprised by a sympathetic friend.

How a helping hand is just a word away.
How a smile can chase anyone’s fears away.
How a listening ear is always near.
How your best friends can be found in the strangest places.

There are times when I think I know everything about my
Then they go and surprise me.
They do something new and unexpected.
They change their ways and walk away,
From the pain they shouldn’t have to take anyway.