Read Love Poems


by Tainted Butterfly

I love, I care
I'm here, you're there.
And I'm missing you tonight
Don't know how
Don't know why
I can't stand to see you cry
So I stay out of sight
I know my love it must be strong
Because I'm still holding on
To someday
When I will never leave you
Some way
When I'm able to give you
All that you deserve
Without fear without reserve
Oh the ways that you teach me
Don't you know just how your reach me.
You've given me a light
Don't know how
Don't know why
I could love you till I die
My soul is back in flight
I'll never let you go
I'm holding on to all I know
Like Someday
When you will never leave me
Some way
You gotta still believe me
I promise I will prove
Nothing is worth losing you
Times are sad, the road is rough
Sometimes love don't seem enough
No strength left to fight
Don't know how
Don't know why
I wish on stars in the sky
It just feels so right
I just know it's meant to be
The love we share, the you and me
And Someday
I'll take your hand, you'll take mine
Some way
We'll stand this test of time
No more hurt, no more pain
Only dances in our rain...