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You Need to Change

by Valerie

You hurt me so much
when you don't even try
you'll break my heart
and make me cry

You say the words
that cut my soul
Sometimes I believe
my pain is your goal

You said you loved me
and I was the best
you told me I was great
and I felt so blessed

You started to change
but I was not ready
our love was unbalanced
and no longer steady

We were torn apart
by your selfish needs
I put on a show
but inside I bleed

You were a good guy
I hope you still are
I'll never know
for you've gone too far

You're out of control
and you cannot see
that I am the one thing
you will always need

The pain I feel
has become too strong
you want me back
but it has been too long

I've cried enough tears
you've been a jerk too much
I no longer want
your embrace or your touch

You need to change
and love yourself
before you love me
or anyone else

So open your eyes
and let yourself cry
learn to be happy
then you'll be mine