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What He Doesn't Know

by dandy

He looks at her, she looks at him,
his look is a loving stare.
But she is blind to what she sees,
she gives him a cold glare.

She doesn't want to be with him
when he wants to be with her.
It seems no love between them,
will ever occur.

But somewhere in the corner,
are another pair of eyes.
This pair belongs to another girl
who's trying to disguise.

What he doesn't know is,
this other girl likes him more.
And for her to keep her feelings hidden,
is the biggest chore.

She will never be good enough,
for him to look her way.
Every time she sees him,
her heart fills with dismay.

He doesn't even notice her,
it's like she isn't there.
Each does want the one they like,
To both love is unfair.

In time she hopes he'll notice her,
she hopes in time he'll see.
But what he doesn't know is,
the girl who likes him is me.