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I Could Imagine Forever

by Bernie

You are not perfect
But I think you are
To tell you what I feel
Words can only go so far

If I could only share one ounce
Of the love I feel today
And to know, just for one second
That you feel the same way

I’d hold you for as long
As I could imagine forever
Although we say it couldn’t last
I don’t want to say never

The way we can talk
To understand, to just know
Is something so special
I never want to let it go

The time our paths did cross
And the lives that we live
Leave us, it seems, so little
To share and to give.

But to give, even a little
Is so much better than none
To be someone for each other
In life, in love, in fun

I am so thankful to be with you
Each and every each day
Kiss the smile on my face
And it would never go away