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For Now And Tomorrow

by Dj (Dwayne Kent Sitton Jr)

I'm trying to describe
trying to explain.
How, when i seen you,
you took away that unbearable pain.

Remembering back,
I was played for a fool.
It hurt so bad,
though i kept my cool.

All because of my past
My heart was surrounded by chains.
Existing here, love did not.
1 thing my heart doesn't contain.

At 1 moment,
I Caught Myself gazing and realized.
This beautiful Woman,
a feeling, one which gave back a wonderful vibe

The chains, those which
Guarded my heart, unraveled.
Just Staring and being lifted,
such distance, my heart has never traveled.

My heart pumping more hard,
the further i go above.
The chemistry and seductive fragrance,
That of a new love.

I opened my eyes, gave her my heart,
No longer loving is feared.
Daylight has risen,
Clouds not existing, The Sky is clear.

I feel a feeling, never i felt,
Deep in this spot.
Its strange, when not you seek,
loves seeks, the love you sought.

This is my love,
The 1 i love for now and tomorrow.
2 people, true love,
no pain, no regrets, nor sorrow.

I will be all i can be,
force my effort, and keep her from harm.
Be the 1 she can count on,
Be there with open arms.

Our love, A love so intense,
sparks and ignites.
Our Force of love, overrides the impossible,
and goes far beyond the human sight.

A place so perfect,
beyond our wildest imagination.
Which makes it so hard to explain,
A love so basic.

This is true basic love,
just 2 people that connect in every way.
A love so amazing,
you don't know how to act, or know what to say.

You just know they're the one you'll love,
Each and every day.
The kind of love that comes,
and forever stays.

Love like this, is not to be explained,
Only to be felt.
She looks my way,
And instantly my heart melts

She makes me feel,
Oh such a feeling.
A feeling that reminds me,
I'm 1 in a million....

And we will be together for now and tomorrow.