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What I would do to be that one

by Daniel Goding

What I would do to be that one
That one who held you close
Had you in his arms when days were rough
Had you to share that kiss
That would brighten the darkest days
Had you just to share a laugh and speak with.

What I would do to be that one
I would give anything for a kiss
From your soft and volumpsous lips
I would kill a man to have you by my side
I would travel across the world
To just have your company.

Oh how great it is
To speak with a goddess
Yet desire not a thing else
But for each moment to last a lifetime.

Your beauty is breathtaking
But somehow I manage to speak
Maybe its your reasuring smile or
Maybe ill never know
But I do know this

You are a dream come true
But just out of reach
God how lucky the man would be
Who you have chosen to be yours.