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Until the End

by Valerie

With you by my side
I was numb to the world
You were my boy
and I was your girl

Friends? Who cared?
School? Why try?
Nothing else mattered
I was living a lie

It was a lie to be seen
by everyone but me
I needed my friends
without them I'd bleed

I needed to think
for myself at last
I needed to put you
into my past

My eyes started to open
When I was losing control
My aspirations were gone
I hadn't any goals

Unknowingly I was lost
into your arms
I know now I need
more than your charm

I need to be loved
but not by you now
I need to start caring
about friends. But how?

How do I repair
all the damage I've done?
How do I get back
what I've pushed away for so long?

I don't know how
and I don't know when
But right now I feel
I'll be alone 'til the end