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Darling Angel, Farewell

by N J Thornton

Twilight grew closer,
As he muttered in her ear
The words of his heart.
“Catch this kiss in a platinum locket
And keep it next to your soul.”
Holding the locket he kissed her
Blushed cheek and uttered,
“Let this sweet caress remind
You of my love always
And let this be the memory that
takes you home.”
He placed it around her neck,
Just as she began to wake.
“Hush now, hear the angels
whisper your name” he spoke.
Her ice blue eyes flickered, and closed.
He held her hand tightly in his,
“Do rest in a gentle lullaby as they fly
You away to where you belong.”
A tear shed his eye, and he leaned over
To settle one last kiss upon her cheek.
“Farewell my darling,
My angel.”