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Before I Had a Friend

by Carmen

Before I had a friend,
I had no life.
My companion was my sharp little knife.
I'd ease myself and cut,
Leaving my soul feeling like a mutt.
At night I'd cry,
During the day I just sit and sigh.
My parents would fight,
And I would cringe at the sight,
For they fought because of me,
And that I could clearly see.
My mom was a drunk,
Her heart had already sunk.
My dad hated us,
He'd yell and scream and cuss.
Nobody would listen,
But surprisingly my hope still glistened.
I sat and waited,
And found someone I haven't hated.
I found you,
And you found me, too.
You gave me hope,
So I no longer mope,
I no longer sigh,
I no longer cry,
I no longer moan,
I'm no longer alone.
You wiped away my tears,
You took away my fears.
You taught me to love,
And now I'm as free as a dove.
I love you,
And I know you love me, too.