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Left alone

by forgotten

He said he wouldn't leave me

he promised to be by my side

he said i was his forever

he promised we'd never divide

he was my soul, my life

he meant everything to me

he was my one and only

until he had to leave

they said that it was suicide

they said his life was rough

thin i fell down to my knees

and i never got back up

i sat there crying for hours

my knees pulled to my chest

and right then at that moment

my life turned into a mess

everything i had

was right before my eyes

it left in such a hurry

i couldn't say goodbye

i thought about his words

the last he spoke to me

i didn't understand

he wasn't supposed to leave

i blamed it on myself

it was my fault he was gone

and then i told myself

theres no way i could go on

they said that it was suicide

they said that i gave up

but no one knew the true reason

the true reason was love