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To Good To Be True

by edy

Under the moonlight
All I wanna see
I wanna look to the stars
And want the stars to form a picture of you and me.

Or in the lonely dark
I wanna look to you
I wanna look inside your heart
I wanna know if "us" can be true

Or the times alone
Yet we have never kissed
We have an unwritten connection
But can you tell me this?

Can you tell me you need me ?
In times of pain
Can you tell me you want me?
Or am I alone in this game
Can you tell me you miss me?
When you feel all alone
Can you be my queen?
I can build your throne

The things you do
The things you don't
It doesn't even matter
Its you I won't...

Its you I won't hurt
Its you I won't let go
There is so much "I won't"
I don't even know

I don't know where to end
Or where to even start
There is so much beauty
That my heart has been caught

You've caught me blinded
With nothing left to see
I can only love you from here
And it's just the beginning for me

Look me in the eyes
As far as you can see
And look into my heart
And see how much you mean to me

That will be the end
When there is no looking back
But then again
I love you
Now its your turn.
To start doing that. (love)