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I Iove You's Hurt The Most

by Marisa

It's difficult to hear,
How much you love me so.
Do I feel the same for you?
Yes, I do, I know.

You were there, always,
When times were surely rough,
Like when that jerk sure broke my heart,
You just said, "Stay tough".

You said your love for me
Has grown to overflow,
But I just lost a love,
For why I do not know.

I've come to hate the "I love you"
It's just a stupid lie.
I've heard it so many times,
And along, I've heard, "goodbye".

My dad has said it too,
And hurt me quite the most.
Cause when he said, "you're worthless."
"I love you" went to toast.

"you're dumb and no one loves you,
Not even dear-old dad.
I wish you'd leave this house.
I wish your life is sad.
I hate you and you know that!
You give me a headache!"
And when he had just said that,
I felt my first heartbreak.

And now I'm with my mom,
Four years down the road.
Not a word from dear-old dad,
The heartache's still a load.

I love my mom more than life,
But it's hard to see,
That since she is now really sick,
She may not stay with me.

My mom is sick with cancer,
And all I do is cry
I wish that God would help me out,
But he won't, and I ask why.

So when you say, "I love you"
Is is there and is it true?
Cause I can't repeat this pain
Not again and not from you.

My heart is hurting bad,
But you've always been my friend.
I know that you'll be there for me,
Forever, till the end.

But will that stay the same,
If a relationship was to show?
Do you really love me?
Please, just let me know.