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Please Don't

by Shalisa

Don’t try to tell me how I should and should not feel
When you are the one who said our love was not real.

Don’t expect me to forget and love you right back
When it was you who turned my broken heart black.

Don’t get mad when I push you far away
Because I just don’t think you are here to stay.

And don’t think my pain has gone overnight,
Just because you stepped back into my life.

Don’t kiss me and expect it to be the same
And know that there is only you to blame.

Don’t run and think I am going to run too,
Because I think I have done enough for you.

Don’t hug me and tell me you love me so
When again, you might decide to go.

Don’t call to say you miss my voice
When leaving the first time was completely your choice.

Don’t hold my hand and ask for my love
Because last time I gave it, it wasn’t good enough.

Don’t tell me that I am the only one for you,
Cause I have heard this before, and I know its not true.

Don’t expect us to be strong like we were before
Because nothing can ever be the same anymore.