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Lay Me Down Gently

by Toni

Lay me down gently
For I am now broken
Speak to me softly
For fate has now spoken

Pick up my pieces
I've fallen apart
But whatever you do
Be careful with my heart

It’s pumping out blood
Whilst I’m sprawled on the floor
Don’t try to repair it
It’ll only bleed more

Touch ivory skin
So smooth and so pale
My body is tired
Can you see that I’m frail?

Will you find my lost pieces
Will you match them together?
Will you stay by my side
Will you love me forever?

Please don’t be put off
If tears wet our kiss
I just never expected
To find love like this

Will you open your arms
And find my lost soul?
I don’t want to be broken
Will you please make me whole?

For my Olipop x