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She Is A Woman To Me

by Mark Spencer

Sometimes she's a schemer,
And she's always a dreamer,
A spirit that has to be free.
She'll cry like a baby,
With the poise of a lady,
But she is a woman to me.

She'll change with the seasons,
Never giving a reason,
In reaching the end of her rope.
She fears getting older,
And each year she gets bolder,
It's the way she's learned how to cope.

She loves without measure,
She's a priceless treasure,
Though some of you might disagree.
She's flirtatious and coy,
And she can be a tomboy,
But she is a woman to me.

She has been a model,
And poured drinks from a bottle,
And she can leave you with a smile.
Her looks are impressive,
And she can be aggressive,
But that is just part of her style.

So learn how to take her,
Because you'll never break her,
It would be like taming the sea.
She will rage like a storm,
Then I will watch her transform,
When she is a woman to me.