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What I'd Say

by Carmen

"I have something to tell you today,
So please just listen to what I have to say.
This is so very hard,
Like walking on shards.
Yes, I'm afraid,
But my courage is finally made.
It'll take a little while,
But for you, I'd walk a mile.
The truth is, I love you;
Will you love me, too?
I've waited forever,
For I want you as my lover.
It was love at first sight,
Couldn't be measured by any height.
You are my one and only,
Without you, my life is lonely.
You are a flying angel with beautiful wings,
When I see you, my heart sings.
Without you, I don't think I could live,
But love is all that I can give.
Your love is a gift from heaven,
Your heart is my haven.
All I want is you,
But now I feel like a fool,
Because you have a girlfriend,
But the signal you send,
Leaves me so very clueless,
It's making me so restless.
So, I wish you were mine,
if not, that's fine.
No, wait, no, no it's not,
You'd never believe how hard I fought,
Just for your attention,
Is what I'd like to mention.
You hold the key to my heart,
And I've loved you from the very start."
Yea, that's what I'd say,
Maybe I'll get the courage to tell you someday.