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Three little words

by elizabeth

I lay here tonight
with my head against your chest
wondering how
i came to be this blessed

i don't know how i found you
your like an angel from above
sent down to earth
to give me all your love

you look down at me
and i feel your heart start to race
I scoot closer to you
enjoying your embrace

You give me a little smile
and your eyes start to shine
like theres something they want to say
i still can't believe your mine

you turn your head away from me
tell me theres something you want to say
but you don't want to scare me
or chase me away

i gently touch your arm
telling you it will be OK
I'll still be here
no matter what it is you have to say

you gently kiss me on the check
and whisper in my hear
those three little words
I've been so longing to hear

slowly a tear falls from me eye
and slips onto your chest
because i know i love you
and that i am truly blessed