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If Only He Knew

by Joy

I have this special friend,
He isn't like the other few,
Unlike some of them,
He's always been true.

We've been through so much,
And I've only known him a year,
But when I'm with him,
I don't have a single fear.

He's always there to listen,
And never leaves me out,
Even in those times,
Where I could just scream and shout.

We listen to each other,
Like his sorrows and joys,
And even if I wanna talk,
About all the boys.

There's one little thing,
I keep it hidden from show,
My feelings for him,
Are more than you could ever know.

I love him so much,
I'd give him my whole heart,
But I know he doesn't feel the same,
It tears me apart.

People think its just a silly crush,
But they have no clue,
What I feel for him,
Is just so very true.

I've never been in love,
Like I am with him,
But unfortunately I know,
That my chances are slim.

Maybe if things were different,
If only he knew,
I could say those three special words,
Baby I love you.