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Meet Me In The Stars...

by ShAtTeRrEdTeArZ

Tonight I'll close my eyes and make a wish
Then I'll send it to the stars
Hoping they'll lead me
To where ever you are

Maybe you'll meet me there
Let's just close our eyes
Meet me in the stars
So I won't have to cry

Hold me like you used to
Before you went away
Kiss me like you mean it
There's no need for words this way

Look me in the eyes
And let me see your soul
Let me know the person
Who completes me as a whole

Take my hand, Let's walk away
Get rid of all these tears
Tell me those sweet words I love
Whisper in my ear

Baby, meet me in the stars
And mend my broken heart
Let's stay here forever
I don't want to be apart

Then I open my eyes
That are stricken with tears
To realize the truth
That you aren't here

So I'll make another wish tomorrow
And maybe it will come true
You'll meet me in the stars
Where I can be with you....