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Inside Out

by Jesse

She texted me from the blue
Right when I was better
She says she’s confused
Her emotions in a letter

Everything she feels
She keeps inside
Doesn't let me in
Doesn't ease my mind

Says she’s lost without me
That she needs my touch
I am lost without her too
It is this I know so much

She says distance is the reason
This shouldn't be true
It should be based on the person
And the memories too

For I know she still loves me
I can hear it in her smile
Whenever I talk to her
She loves me all the while

Why can’t we be together?
Why can’t she know?
That we are two bodies
That share one soul

For I am lost without her
For she is my base
She kept me upright
She filled my taste

Will we ever be again?
This I need to know
I can’t wait any longer
Not having control

I miss my girlfriend
I miss my Cutie
When will you be here?
When will you show me?

That you still care,
Still love me too
That you want me back
Please make this true