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A Love's Sad End

by DMG

It's time to say goodbye

Another sad tear and another cry
Another lost love and I ask why

Words manipulated into what I never said
And now my head hangs low, another love is dead

Part of my past only choice I have's to move on
Have to keep my chin up, I have to stay strong

Stare at the clock on the wall but it doesn't tic
Time stands still as true reality hits

I grow nauseous as my heart falls to the floor
A pain like this, I can't take it any more

Goddamn, please, somebody answer my prayer
Is this a trend that I'm living with, it ain't fair

Finders keepers but I never can keep what I find
All my hope is being crushed by this state of mind

A bullet burn, my heart hurts in the pouring rain
Hello friends, yes my motherf-cking hurt and pain

Well it's time now to let that final tear cry
I'll make it through though, so Lisa, goodbye