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Resting In Your Heart

by Toni

Resting In Your Heart

If only tears were laughter
Resounding every day
And not sounds of complete despair
Pain, hurt and dismay

If only prayers were answered
Each and every night
If only they were truly heard
Weâ?'d step into the light

If only frowns were smiles
Once a happy, loved, expression
Instead, there's only tears and fears
Caused by our depression

If only cries were noticed
If only night was day
If only you'd listen to the wind at night
Then you might hear me say

"I am here beside you
And I will take your pain
If you feel you need my love
Step out, and kiss the rain

I will soothe your woes
And wrap you with my love
Whenever you are feeling low
Step out, and look above

Remember that the stars
That shine upon the sky
Remember that I can see them too
Now wipe your tearful eyes

Lay down your tired body
You do not need to weep
For I will stay right here till dawn
Watching, whilst you sleep

And when the morning comes
My soul will not depart
If you look for me, you'll always find
Me resting in your heart"

Dedicated to Oli x