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You Saved Me... Again

by DeAnna

My hands are shaking
as I hold the knife
Wishing that I was gone
about to take my life.
As you cross my mind,
A salty tear rolls down my cheek.
All of a sudden I can't move
I've become so weak.
I think there must
be a better way
to make my problems
go away.
But i place the knife
against my wrist
still wishing to end
all of this.
One simple slash
it wasn't so deep.
I try it again
as i frantically begin to weep.
not because it's hurting me,
but because i see you now
i see you crying
this i won't allow.
I stare at the new cuts
and the blood on the floor
and i put down the knife
I can't take this anymore
come give me a hug
come hold me tight.
I'm really sorry
I know it's not right
We're laying here hugging
You're throwing away my pain.
You just saved my life
You saved me once again.