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I'm sorry

by anna

I didn't hug you good-bye
I didn't kiss you tonight
I didn't say sorry
I didn't even cry

I left you to hurt
Even saw your tear's
But I stood so numb
I didn't even flinch

I let you cry
My hand never reached your face
I never tried to erase the Lie's
Didn't even attempt to make things aright

Threw away your notes
Threw away your gifts
Ripped up the pictures
Even snipped up all your clothes
I made myself believe
You deserve every of inch of grieve
But now that I'm all alone
I don't have no memory to keep..
Nothing to hold on to..
Nothing to look at and smile to..

My friends are no friends
My home is no home
But you were my life
And I let you go..

I'm sorry..