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When I'm Lying Next To You

by Kimberly Day

I lay down beside you,
Watching you sleep.
Wondering what you're dreaming,
But not having a clue.
Your face is so peaceful,
So childlike in slumber.
I love you more than you'll ever know.

You mutter in your sleep,
And I have to smile,
Because my heart leaped a little.
I know that I'll be laying beside you for a while.
It's amazing how watching you sleep makes me feel.

I could watch you forever,
Laying here together.
I just hope you don't open your eyes,
My love for you is painfully clear,
And it may be too much for you to take in.

I can't stop from touching your face,
My fingertips are gentle,
As if you were being touched with lace.

I try not to be subtle,
As I snuggle closer to you.
I finally know what peace feels like.
And I only find it,
When I'm lying next to you.