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Nothing You Need To Say

by Chelsea R.

You're with her now
but you're telling me to not let go
i love you so much
and this you've got to know

you're worth the wait
but still I can't wait forever
all I ever needed was you
all I wanted was for us to be together

you were so different from the rest
and I know you really care
I'll always love you
but this won't work if you're never there

you have her now I guess
and again I'm that girl on the side
I'd give anything to be "us" again
but "us" I don't wanna have to hide

I see the way you look at me
and I can see it in you're eyes
as soon as she left you called me over
now you're telling her the lies

I missed your smile
and I missed your touch
maybe I need to stop holding on
maybe I love you to much

I don't think that is possible
I love you and its the way I feel
you told me you missed me to
and it's what I needed to hear

you always know how to make me happy
and how to make it ok
but now I just want you to hold me
there's nothing you need to say