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Angel with no wings

by Unrequited

You are an angel
that has no wings
you are the only one
that makes my heart sting
you are the bringer of evil
you are the one that i hate
but you look so angelic
it is my heart that you take

you are an angel
that has no way to fly
your purpose is to hurt me
until i want to die
you are the one i fear
you’re the one that makes me cry
every time you do these things
all i wonder is why

you are an angel
that was condemned by our Lord
evil controls your soul
and you stab me with your sword
yet when you smile
i feel no pain
and when i’m without you
i am empty and insane

you are an angel
whose heart has died away
you mess with my feelings
while watching my body decay
you try to end my life
yet for you my heart sings
i will always love you
my angel, with no wings