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Paths of life

by Antonio Stefan

I once thought my destiny is forever sealed
Though, the love that slept within me was revealed
When by chance you have entered my life
And time began to elapse without strife

You gave me a new meaning
And together we have started a new beginning
For three years I’ve admired your way to be
And this time I always wanted that you could see
That I’ll sure love you for an eternity

We were lost in this world of darkness
And what we needed was a bit of toughness
To realize my love for you is somewhere
And together we just need to search it out there

One night your tears dropped from the sky
And was the only thing that made me cry
I am in love with your body, your soul, your mind
And I wish everyone would be so kind
Like you have always tried

I once promised I’ll show you the world
You know my desire, and that is to trust in my word
Because one day I’ll give you the long promised tiara
And we’ll see the world, from Romania to Sahara

The life we’ve always dreamed at
Will then be a reality to look at
And together we shall reign
Over the land, over the sea
And in this time, the only thing you’ll see
Will be the love I carry for you my beauty!