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The Song That Sets Off Dreams.

by So-Not-Normal

Sitting in my room alone,
Watching the t.v.,
I'm bored out of my mind,
Trying so hard not to fall asleep

Then this song comes on,
And it reminds me of you,
It makes me start to think,
Of what I really want to do

I get all these thoughts,
Their flooding my mind,
They make me come undone,
Make all my threads unwind

I start to think about you,
And how you talk to me,
You make me feel so good,
Saying things that set me free

Then I get to wishing,
About how I want you here,
Cause I want to be able to hug you,
And continue holding you near

I'd be able to stare into those eyes,
The ones I got lost in so long ago,
They would make my heart melt,
And make me happier then you know

I'd stare at those lips,
The ones I so badly want to kiss,
It would feel so good,
To be in a state of that much bliss

I would hold your hand,
And walk down the street,
Showing you off,
To everyone we meet

Then we'd sit there at a restaurant,
While eating some fries,
Just talking about everything,
Telling the truth and never lies

When it was time to go home,
You would take me to my door,
Softly kissing my lips,
Then say goodbye and leave me wanting more

Then suddenly the song is done,
And I'm dragged out of my dreams,
All the stuff about you and me,
Just wasn't as real as it seemed.