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Would You Ever

by David Paul

Would you ever think of me as more than a friend,
Think about being with me until the end,
Have some fun and go out on a date,
I promise I would only be fashionably late.

Would you ever think about never letting go,
I wouldn't care if you wanted to take it slow,
We could try to make the "us" last long,
To me it doesn't matter if others say it's wrong.

Would you ever look me straight in the eye,
When I looked in yours last I was looking in the sky
Every time I see you my heart skips a beat,
Thinking about an "us" is really quite neat.

Would you ever believe these words that I’m saying,
Please don't be like others and think I’m playing,
My heart is something you don't need to steal,
It’s yours for the taking I’m being for real.

All I’m really saying is would you ever,
Do you think that we could ever be together,
My heart is pounding my mind is racing,
I can't make up your mind on the choice you are making.