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When i first met you

by Kimberly

When I first met you
I didn't know what to do.
When I look into your eyes
I can't help falling for you.

Why is it that
it's just now I see
you're the one I want
and you're the right guy for me?

Why did it take me so long
to finally realize
the guy right next to me
would be the love of my life?

How could I be so stupid
and so dumb?
How could my heart be so wrong
and my feelings so numb?

If I said I didn't love you
then that would be a lie
because when you stopped calling
I wanted to cry.

I thought you were going to leave
and I'd never see you again
but it was just the beginning
when you told me you wanted to be more than friends.

Who knew it was going to end up
to be like this?
My whole life's changed
with just one, little kiss.

I knew right then
I've fallen so deep.
I knew I had something
to treasure and forever keep.

Thank you for staying by my side
through all this time.
I guess I was meant for you
and you were meant to be mine.

I hope you'll never leave me.
Tell me you'll stay
because I love you more than ever
and your heart I'll never betray.