Read Love Poems


by Andy Dude

Maria is my life
that comes between the earth and love

She makes me go wild
like a weird o dream

Her body is a road,
that can be driven for miles

What a beautiful life she has,
that is made with love & joy.

It might sound weird,
but looking at her around people is so clear.

I pray to god,
so one day my prayers are alive

So one day i can show my love
what prayers are really made of.

Lord knows better,
love is beautiful

That love can come around
so it can drive you wild.

It seems true that love is above,
beneath the clouds that are alive.

If you really think about it,
you first kiss is your love.

It can sometimes change,
because love is around.

Marias boyfriend is Kurt,
that rhymes with no words

Kurt you make me hate you,
but i would not because love is holding me back

I hope your not mad of me girl,
because of some rhyming words.

I hope you know,
that I am there for you
even if it takes a world.