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I Think I'm In Love With You

by Carlee Ann

You walk into the room
I find a place to hide
I'm so scared to tell you
How I feel inside

My heart beats for you,
It races when you're close
But I'm scared to be true
Because your friendship means the most

When you touch my skin,
A shiver runs up my spine
I don't know where I should begin
I want you to be mine

When you hold me, I don't want to let go,
I want you so very bad
But I don't know how to show
Just being with you makes me glad

Are you just my friend,
Or is it something more?
When you look at me,
I just can't be sure

So here I stand, complicated
Wondering if you feel the same way too
I need to know, I'm so frustrated
I think I'm in love with you