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True Faith

by FTS Miles

Though tyranny of faith shall judge and burn,
Though hypocrites shall mark and spurn,
I shall not bow and forego my thought,
I shall not abase my will to any Bull wrought.

The dictates of men are not those of God,
The pogroms of men are not those of God.
No faith is final if one cannot question,
No truth is born without pause for reflection.

Seek with me fonts of unapproachable fire,
Seek with me all the Church condemns dire.
I shall bear with pride the brands of Rome,
I shall savor the study of forbidden tome.

The truth I shall seek and it shall find me,
The faith I shall forge shall be of lucidity,
And in so doing make of me Magdalene's strain,
And proclaim my stand amongst the Sons of Cain.