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Fate of a dreamer

by EoB

To never be happy, nor ever find peace,
a constant longing that never will cease.
To dream of a life with all that you need,
to never possess that for which you would bleed.

To love someone truly, whose heart is not yours
To dream of the stars above other shores
To forever search for an ardent redeemer.
That, they say, is the fate of a dreamer.

But I am a dreamer, who once dwelled in peace.
The longing within me suddenly ceased
The life that I dreamt, was the one i possessed.
And all I would bleed for was for her to feel blessed.

I loved someone truly, whose heart was named mine
And within those I saw countless stars shine.
But one day she left me, my beloved redeemer,
that, my dear friend, is the fate of a dreamer.

Rasmus Strøm Evensenc